About Me


Nothing but my best.


Excellence in the art of portraiture.


Each painting that I create is a work of art. I cannot guarantee satisfaction, but you pay only if you are satisfied with the final work. 

About Me


My Background

I was a great artist in the 5th grade, at least that's what my teacher and fellow students thought. My parents thought differently, however, and transferred me to a Catholic school and that ended my art career. By the time I got to college, I was convinced that the intellectual search for truth was far superior to the aesthetic. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and hadn't taken one course in art. None were offered, even though the college professed to be "liberal arts." 

Art was considered to be a subservient endeavor and was on the lowest level in the hierarchy of knowledge. It was subordinate to the sciences and only a means pointing to some higher end. 

But for me the end came in the jungles of Vietnam. My education had not prepared me to face the test of war. Philosophy and all my professors had abandoned me. I survived with a lot of help from my friends.

But my faith in art has always been true, and today, after finishing a career in the civilian civil service, I am devoting my time and talent to the art of portraiture. 

Formal training: The Portrait Institute with John Howard Sanden, New York, NY.


My Medium

I have been drawing and painting portraits for over 30 years and am proficient in rendering persons of any age or race. In addition to their richness and beauty, oil paintings are more highly valued than watercolors and acrylics, and, of course, photographs, which begin to fade in just a few years. 


My Inspiration

To create a beautiful portrait of you or someone special in your life. My art is inspired by a faith in the human spirit and the transcendent.